Reasons to Start Butterfly Gardening

Butterfly GardeningWhy start butterfly gardening? You can at least 5 reasons for that.

  1. Butterfly gardening will cost you nothing (or near to nothing), unlike many other hobbies. The only thing you may want to obtain is a butterfly habitat to keep the caterpillars indoors and protect them from pets, mice and birds. Not just that, the habitat will help you control caterpillars and protect your garden from them, if you don’t want all the plants to be eaten by caterpillars
  2. Butterfly gardening helps to protect local butterfly populations (it is preferable that you breed local butterflies because their host plants grow in you area).
  3. Butterfly gardening is a wonderful and fascinating way for your kids to reveal the secrets of the miniature inscect life, educate on nature’s lifecycles and learn to love the nature. And releasing butterflies is an unforgettable experience not just for kids, but also for their parents.
  4. Butterfly gardening has made many gardeners turn to organic gardening methods, which resulted in better and healthier food for their families.
  5. Delightful lively butterflies will turn an ordinary garden into a vibrant manifestation of life and beauty.

Butterfly Gardening: