Bonsai gardening Bonsai gardening is not just gardening. Curbing nature and creating perfectly shaped miniature trees is a real art form. Bonsai gardening has been enjoyed over two thousand years in China and, eventually, this hobby has spread in other countires. Bonsai literally means “tray growing”. Bonsai plants require minimum amount of space, that is why bonsai gardening can be practiced even at home. An of course, as any kind of art, bonsai gardening requires patience and care, and also because growing bonsai trees significantly differes from all other forms of gardening. The most intricate and unbelievable thing about bonsai gardening is how a tree can be kept alive and even thrive in a tiny container. But what can be as enjoyable, rewarding and relaxing as watching the development of perfect beauty?Butterfly Gardening

Bonsai gardenFall is approaching, outdoor garden is falling asleep… But with bonsai you can continue implementing your gardening passion indoors!

In this section we will give you the basics of bonsai gardening art.

Also, on our website you can read what caterpillars eat and how to create a butterfy garden. Bonsai gardening and butterfly gardening are amazing hobbies that can be practiced and enjoyed together.

Bonsai Gardening